Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's all about foods

I took some pictures of foods. I took them every where I am.
I took Indonesian foods, American's, and some other else. Even the airplane's food.
I'm not a professional photographer with SLR camera, so I just shoot them with my beloved pocket camera.
And the result is not much. But it surely can makes you want to have them (a.k.a: NGILER)

This is special came from Bali.
1 plate of this can contains a lot of different meats or
vegetables. But, all of 'em are HOT.
The fun part is when you finish eat that.
If you ask what, just try it.
And you'll feel the burn inside your mouth.

The special food from betawi.
Made from fresh uncooked vegetables with peanut sauce and chili.

This little creature came from Bandung.
It taste so yummy with cheese or chocolate on top.
And you can feel the taste even better,
if you find it in Bandung.
You can enjoy Bandung at night while having
those hot serabi accompany you.

(on left)
I had this beverage in Jakarta, but I don't know where it came from.
Sekoteng cotains peanuts, breads, mini tapiokas, big & small mochi. The liquid is made from water, ginger, and brown sugar.
It warms your body if you drink it in the middle of the night.

This beverage is pretty much like sekoteng.
But this one only contains big mochi and small mochi.
They taste the same, though.

My fellow right here came accross the sea from Makassar,
which is located in Sulawesi Selatan.
This dessert is very yummy.It has a big banana covered with green thingy andsome cream made of santan &milk.The toppngs are chocolate sprinkles and coco pandan syrup.You can also add some grated cheese.

This kind of satay is from Bali *I guess*.
There are many kind of sate lilit, which are
chicken, beef, and fish.

Or they call it prata canai.
Came from India.
The prata made from usual bread dough.
And serves with chicken curry.

This food came from Japan.
Contains fish/salmon, rice, and seaweed.
It's healthy, yummy, and won't make you fat

Have you ever watch cartoon caled 'doraemon' ?
If you have, then you know what this thing is.

An usual western food for breakfast or snack.
But, the yum taste of it, never end.


These mini cakes rule the world.
The came up with so many toppings and flavors.

This is one of my food in the plane.
Other foods are also yummy.

These are pretty much of it.
So, what do you feel after looking at these pictures?

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