Thursday, September 1, 2011

God's plan always amazing

Back on May 2011, I had a boyfriend.
He was very nice.
He was everything to me.
We did every little things together.
We took photos in the beach.
We went to ubud for double dates.
We were so happy.
But then, on August 2011, we broke up.
He said that the reason was because he couldn't handle a long distance relationship.
I said okay. Because that day, I was in Jakarta and he was in Bali. And soon I will move to New York.
Since that day, I kept thinking about it. About how it could end up.
I blamed my self for not avoid him doing that. I asked to the wind if it could bring him back to me.
I cried. I was very GALAU!
Everyone kept telling me to forget him. They said that I will find a new guy in US later. I thought for a while and I agreed.
And with support I got from my friends, my teachers, my cousin, even my nephews, I completely over it.

God united me and him. He made us a couple. And now He split us up because He has prepared beautiful plans for both of us.
He did this to me because He knew if this happens when I'm in New York, I wouldn't be able to face this alone and it would be hard for me to get over it. He did this to me now because He knew that I have so many friends here who can support me directly and cheered me up everyday.
He did this to him because He knew there is a girl out there waiting to be his girlfriend.

All God's plans are amazing. We just have to wait until for the right time to see the purpose of what He does.

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