Friday, September 23, 2011

Get closer --> dating --> broke up --> ignoring

Girls fall for boys and the other way arround.
They did everything so that they can be together as one, to be in a special relation, and to be someone special for each other.
The first step is how to get closer to him/her. In this phase, both were trying to be nice to each other. They wouldn't do anything that could make their future partner mad. They made each other feel happy everyday. They texted, they met each other everyday, they did everything pretty much together.
The second step is say what they feel. This is the most wanted phase. The phase when both of them revealed what they had in their heart, which is "I LOVE YOU and would you be my bf/gf?"
Anyone who's in this kind of situation would be panicing, their hands would be sweating, and they lost their mind. But in the end, they reached the decision. They wanted to be together. Finally, they ARE a couple. aaaaa *nada ke3*
First phase, dating. Who doesn't want to have a bf/gf? everyone does. But not everyone can.
For those who has one, they are lucky.
This couple usually have a great day everyday. They spent more time with each other than with their friends. It was like the world is theirs, others only complement.
This is the time, when they kept saying "I LOVE YOU" every morning, afternoon, evening, night, and at the end of their text.
Both of them always said,"I'm so lucky to have you" or "I'm so glad that you are mine.", etc.
They never got tired of saying that statement.
They said to each other that they won't let anything separate them.
Second phase, fight.
Well, no one like this phase. But when one of them started not understanding the other one or being selfish all the time, they fight. Not a serious fight, they were only ignoring each other.
A couple hours later, one of them will apologize even they're not the one who's wrong. But to make everything better it neededa sacrifice.
Then, everything back to normal.
Third phase, break up.
This is the most unwanted phase. This is the phase when they're not bf-gf anymore.
When they wanted to break up, it must be so hard to say that. They didn't want to hurt ech other's feeling, but they already felt that they're not meant to be together. It was a complicated feeling.
But for their own good, they have to. They said it, they cried, and they left.
It was so heart breaking when it happens.
At the end of the sentence, both of them might said,"we can still be friends. Best friends."
That statement kinda giving you some energy to live.
But if it's the best decision, you can't regret it. Maybe that's the best way for you guys. Maybe it's better for you guys to only be friends.
Last phase, acting normal.
This is also the hard phase. In this phase, we have to be able to act like we were before.
One of them treats the other one with friendship love, while the other one didn't.
This is a weird situation. How can a person who used to love you and who used to lift you up, now became your enemy? Didn't they say that you guys can still be friends?
One of them keep saying bad things, while the other one stayed strong.
Now they ignored each other like they never met before.
Where is your promise? Please don't make one if you can't keep them.
All the broken ups may not meant for each other for now, but no konw knows in the future. They might be a couple.

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