Friday, September 16, 2011


Everyone has a family. Big family with a lot of brothers and sisters. Or a small family with one brother or sister.
Family is not always about your dad, mom, brother/sister, but it's also about your uncles/aunts, cousins, nephews/nieces.
Family is very important in every people's life. Without it, they might feel lonely and hopeless.
Family supports you. Family helps you. And family always be there for you when you were down or sad.
Family never asked rewards for every single things they did for you. They did that because they love you.
Love which you got from your family is immortal. It's a love that never dies. A love which is last forever. A love which we can't get from other people.

You know, once you have a family, you will never able to forget them.
Sometimes they might annoyed you, be mad at you, or lecturing you over and over again. But, behind all that, they did that because they love you. They want to give the best for you and for your future.
They don't want you to be in trouble.
They want you to feel happy.
They always give the best for you.
They keep you safe.
They make you smile.
They make you laugh.
They help you solve your problems.

Your family, where ever they are, they will always love you. They will never be able to hurt you.
They will do what ever it takes to make you feel comfortable around them.
Spending time with them, even for a couple of hours, is a valuable things.
Anything you did with your family are very valuable.
Others could give you happiness. But the one they gave are not the same as your family gave to you.
What ever mistakes your family ever did to you, just forgive them. Because they forgave yours as well.
Don't ever forget or ignore your family. Because when others left you, your family always be there for you.
Family will not let you down.
Family will never leave you alone.
And family are those people who will always love yo and never forget you.

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