Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Daddy & Mommy

We all have a mom and dad. But some has more than one.
But me, I'm so glad that I only have a couple of them, not more.
I'm just a kid. I born to this world because there's my mom and my dad. There's love between them which made them create me. hahaha
Without one of them, I won't be exist in this world.
I used to live with my mom without my dad for about 6 years. That's because my dad wasn't in Indonesia. He was in United States.
For 6 years, I went everywhere with my mom. I did everything with her.
We talked. We bought things. We laughed. And so many other things.
Sometimes we might get mad at each other. There were many reason. It might be because my fault or hers. We couldn't get along for a week or something. Between that, there were always a fight between us.
But after she bought me something, we got along. *how cheap!*
There was one time, when I was sick. It was very terrible. I couldn't get off my bed, I couldn't open my eyes, I couldn't text my friends. That 2 days were very terrible. But then, it was getting better.
I was sick for more than 1 week. In that period of time, she didnt get enough sleep. Because she was too worry if I need something. Well, she did get a sleep. But not as much as usual.
She took me to the doctor, to hospital. She bought me this and that.
She did pretty much everyhing to bring m health back.
But, I'm just a stupid girl who doesn't what sacrifice is.
After I wasn't sick anymore, my mom sick. She couldn't go anywhere. Pretty much the same like me.
I also took care of her, But not as intensive as she did to me.
Only for 2 days she got sick.
And then, after I graduated from high school, I moved to United State with my dad but without my mom.
We were crying at the airport. I didn't get the excited feeling that day. It was because I had to leave my mom and there was something else that stuck inside of me, but I didn't know what that was.
Then, we flew to New York.
My uncle and my sister picked us up at the airport. I wasn't excited at all.
And, here I am, in New York, the most wanted city to travel or to live.
Who knew that I will be here, stay here, and go to college here?
Nobody knew. But, everybody knew that you're a liar. lho? *sorry, lagunya citra*
I'm just a lucky girl who had a chance to go here.
Now here, I live with my dad. He goes to work everyday. From morning until evening. While I'm staying at home doing nothing.
I would like to connect with my friends, but the time difference breaks it all.
All I can do is stare at blank screen on my laptop.
Right now, I wish my mom was here with me. She can accompany me. She can take me anywhere, even we don't know where we are. At least she's here with me now!
I felt really really lonely right now.
My friends are far. I have no friend in here. I have to wait until January 2012 to start school.
And suddenly, I miss Bali, I miss Indonesia very much. I just wish I could bring all my beloved people here.
Now I realized taht parents are so important in every people's life.
Even we live with only one of them, but remember that the other one always pray for your family to be together as you guys were before.
We can't not respec our parents. They might done something bad to you. They might be mad at you.
But, before you mad at them, remember all those hard works they did, those sacrifice they made, just to make you happy, to make you able to go to school.
It's not easy finding money for school.
You see them smiling and strong. But you don't know how crumble they are inside.
But they hide it from you. They don't want you to know how they work and how can they make money. The just want you to be happy.
You're getting old. So as your parents. You don't know when God will take them from you. I wish God never take them from me.
Give some happiness to your parents even with a cup of coffee.
Make them smile with a short massage after they got home.
Make them laugh with your sillyness.
Make them proud of you by being a successful person.
Apologize to them for all of your mistakes.
They live only for you. They did everything for you. They want you to be a successful person.
They are not asking for rewards. They only ask for you to take care of them when they got old, when they can do nothing.
Parents are everything. Their love is immortal. Their prayer always works. What they did are the best for you.
Respect and love your parents, so you'll get the same thing in the future.
That is karma.