Sunday, August 14, 2011

You are STRONG!

Have you ever heard anyone telling you that you are weak? You can't do anything? 
Well that hurts so much.
There is nothing you can do except complaining
They just don't know how strong you are inside.
If you are weak, you will not be able to live in this world.
If you are weak, you can never face your problems.
If you are weak, you 've already suicide your self.
And if you are weak, you will not exist in this world.
Because God never created weak people. He created strong people. He gave strength in us.
Strength to fight in this world. Strength to survive trials. And strength to face the truth.
If any one said that you are weak, they also vilified God.

Insult others by saying they are weak, is a childish thing.
They haven't grown up. They have no mind. They are numb.
Numb with feelings.
They just don't understand how much it hurt when someone said you are weak.
 When you fell down, people would say that you are weak. But that's completely wrong if you stand up and stand tall.
It only takes courage to stand up after you fall.
If you still can't stand up, remember this,"Do you want people around you to insult you because you don't want to move on?" make that as a guidance for you to not afraid to move on.

You are the only person who can decide whether you are strong or weak. No one else can do it.
What ever happen to you, stay strong. Because when He knew you are weak, He will give you strength.

" If you are weak, you will not be able to live this world, face those obstacle, and get through that painful  moments."

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