Sunday, August 7, 2011

things that can make you cry

  He made you cry with every trial he gave.
   At first we might be strong to handle it. 
   But then when you faced those trials over and over again, you will be exhausted and you will not be able to get
   through it anymore.
   At the end, you will cry. And you will feel relieve.

   They made you cry with everything they said.
   Everywords which came out from their mouth can be so harsh.
   Behind those harsh words they said, contain meaning and strong purposes.
   They said it because they have to. They don't want us to be a bad person or fall in the same mistakes all
   over again.
   If you are a sensitive person, it's easy for you to drop tears.
   But always remember, when parents started yelling at you, think about why they did that.

   Friends make you cry with everythings they did.
   Sometime they can make us happy, but sometime not.
   They could hurt you with unexpected ways. It could be how they treated you, how they spoke to you,
   or even how they ignored you.
   Friends, best friends, boyfriend/girlfriend are able to do that.
   When they did that, it doesn't always mean they hate you. Maybe it's because they were not in mood or you
   made mistakes which they dislike.
   Everybody make mistakes. But when yours pissed them up, they have rights to treat you that way.

Do you feel the same with me ?  

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