Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let Go

Every time in our life, we received things, we give away things. We smile, we cry. We felt happy, we felt sad. We were thrilled, we were disappointed.
As long as you live, you will going through situation like these.

When we have something precious, sooner or later we'll lose it.
I'm talking about love.
When you saw love, you started to make a move.
When that love came to you, you would get closer.
When that love spin around your head, you would hardly to get some sleep.
When you finally owned that love, you saw everything shaped in heart, you felt this world is amazing, and you would thank God every morning, every night, and every time you spent with your love.
Both of you going through days with happiness. Nothing could make you angry, mad, or upset. Because there was someone who forbid you for doing that.
Every time you see each other, you would hug and gave cheek-kisses.
You would holding hands.
You laughed on every silly things.
You talked about everything.
You spent as much time as you can.
And when you needed to go, he would give you million hugs.
He would wait in the same place until you fade away.
Smile which came from his lips ended your meeting.
When he said good bye, you would shut his mouth. Because you hate hearing a good-bye. You just afraid if it really was a "good-bye".

He would never let you being or get hurt.
He would take care about you.
He would do anything just to see you smile and hear you laugh when you cried.
He would say that he won't let you go.
He would say that he will hold you tight.
He said "I love you" every morning.
Every night he would pray for you and for your relationship.
Not just him. You would do the same thing.
You would say,"I love you too"
You prayed for him every second.
You wished for a long-lasting relationship with him.
When people said both of you were meant for each other, you guys must be so proud.
But wheel is rotating. We will not always be on top. We won't feel happiness everyday.
One by one, problems came.
At first, you survived it. But when the second, third, fourth, and more and more attacked you, you wouldn't be able to survive it any longer.
Especially if you were having a problem about distance.
Distance is SUCK. Distance can breaks you apart.
Both of you might say that you could get through it.
After 2 months or more, one of you will be suffering a disease called i-miss-you-so-much disease.
That was the only beginning. Then, one of you started stop contacting each other, with an excuse which doesn't make any sense.
It happened once. And the next day, it would happen again. And the next day, and the next day, and the next day the same thing happened again.
Finally it ended when he texted you saying that he couldn't handle it any longer. He would said what was the best for both of you. And it was break up.
When you read that, you would felt there was something punched your chest very very hard.
Even that was what you feel, you replied his text calmly and with smile.
You would say it was okay, and it was the best for you guys.
And the end, you guys would say a real "good-bye"
Good bye to the sweetest things you ever had.
Good bye to the person who said "I love you" every day.
Good bye to every hug he would give you.
Good bye to a special person in you life.

You used to be so excited on starting your day.
You used to hold your phone every where. So, when he texted you, you could reply it straight away.
You used to have someone who were willing to hear annoying story of you.
Now, every night your thought were full of him.
You asked your doll, your phone, or even to wind, how could it end.
You could left your phone for days because you knew that there will be no one looking for you.
Your beautiful cheering smile is disappear.
Your life suddenly empty.
You didn't want to talk.
You couldn't eat.
You were hurt.
You were suffering.

When you lost your love, there is only smile left covering your tears.

You wanted to move on. But you couldn't.
You wanted everything to be fine.
You wanted to be his best friends.
But when you see the way he treated you after "that" day was very different. He treated you as if you are his enemy.
Then, you felt GALAU.
Questions appeared. Does he still love me? Why he treated me this way? Did I make the right decision? Am I still in love with him?
Those are question which can never be answered unless you ask him.

You tried to hold on, to move on, and to get through these things with smile.
Sadly, at the end of the day, you said,"I can't."
Your friends, your parents, your cousins, and God have supported you indirectly.
But that's how life works.
Once your heart said you can't, then YOU CAN'T.
You wanted to forget it. But you couldn't.
You wanted to let it flow. But something blocked it.
Crying and shouting can relieve your pain.

Give everything to God.
Trust him that He has prepared a better man for you out there.
God always gives us the best. It's just how you find it and how you keep it when you got it.

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