Saturday, August 13, 2011

Friends are for ever

Do you ever wonder how suck your life would be if you got no one to talk to?
Well, it would be suck, don't you think?
You got no one to talk to when you have problems.
You completely failed if you stand
You will feel lonely.
And at last, you would say that God is not fair.
Those things won't happen unless you have friends.
Ages don't matter. Younger, older, or even in the same age as yours is also fine. As long as they can make you feel comfortable and they are able to bring happiness to you, that will be fine.

For those of you who already have friends, what do you feel this far?
Don't you feel happiness?
Is your problems solved?
Aren't always there for you??
Yes, yes, and yes, they are.
Some problems might not be solve with your friends. But at least, they could give you suggestion or something to solve your problems. Or sometimes, when they couldn't find ways to solve your problems, they just give spirit so you can stay strong to face it.

When you have problems with you friends, try to solve it in a nice way. Don't be angry easily.
If you guys talk about it clearly, you might find the reason why you guys be mad at each other.
love your friends. Because finding good friends are not as easy as finding wind.
Say sorry to them if you ever hurt their feelings.
Forgive them of they ever hurt you.
Be friends with them until death separate you.

I have said a lot of things about friends. But I really want to share it again so you can keep your friendship.

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