Sunday, August 7, 2011

Feel Ignored?

Did you ever feel ignored by people around you?
Were you mad?
What did you do to that person or those people?
What is their reason to ignore you?

You of course ever being ignored. By your family, friends, or anyone else.
It suck for being ignored. Because when you were ignored, there is nothing you can do. You just wait for them to not ignore you anymore.
No one will be pleased for being ignored. If there is, they are STUPID!!
Ignoring someone is a very silly thing to do. What's the advantage? Did you get money for doing that? Huh, I guess not.
You would be mad to that person for sure. Because what ever the situation, they can't ignore you. Unless you made mistake to them, then they have permission to ignore you.
Sometimes they don't have exact reason to ignore you. If you ask them, they might say that they were busy and they have no time to contact you when they were on twitter or facebook.
It seems like a simple reason. But it is so JLEB (read: painful), don't you think?
Just think about it. Who would not be pissed hearing reason like that?
" Your mom would" #sumpahgakpenting #ignore

DO NOT ignore anyone around you.
Because ignoring is very HURTING someone's feeling.

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