Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Family, Friends, Love, and Happiness

not everybody have happiness.
Although you have lots and lots of money, there is no guarantee that you will found happiness with those money. Those money only bring happiness for a while.
Like when you shopped for something, you felt happy. But when your money decreased, then your happiness will fade away..
You will found the eternal happiness around you. Not with money, but with people.
Family, friends, or your beloved one, can bring happiness to you.
They would do anything to make you smile when you cry.
They would help you when you are struggling.
They would come to you when you are alone.
And they did that for free. They didn't ask for rewards.
In their mind, there is only one sentence. "If I can make her/him happy, I will be happy as well."
But sadly, those who have family, friends or their beloved one, still couldn't feel happy. There are many reason for that. One of them is togetherness.
There will be no togetherness if each of them were busy with their own business.
That's why you should take some time to spend with your beloved people.

Family gives you support.
Friends bring laughter.
Your beloved one gives you smile.
And they always have something that no onec can give you. And it is love.
Giving love and finding happiness are both hard things to find.
If you want to get it, you have to be able to give it.

Make others happy is not an easy task. We should do something funny or even silly just to make others feel happy.Making people happy, won't make you die. It also can make yourself happy.
Cheer others who is sad.
Accompany them when they are alone.
Give your shoulder when they need one to lean on.
Strengthen them with your kindness.
But, do not ever hurt them with your statement.
Because once you hurt them, they will never be there when you are down.

Keep your spirit to make others happy!!

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