Thursday, August 11, 2011

11 weeks with love

kira-kira 11 minggu yang lalu. Waktu itu aku pengumuman kelulusan beserta pengumuman kalo aku uda melepas my "single status". Yes, I was very very happy.
Sejak saat itu, I enjoyed all my days. Everyday I felt happy.
Every single day, there is someone saying 'good morning' when I woke up
Every time I'm about to eat, there is someone said,'bon appetite'
Every where you go, there is someone who pray for your safety.
Every night, there always be someone who said 'good night'
And every day, there is someone saying,' I love you'

11 minggu itu, kita jalanin bareng-bareng. We laugh, we love, we also sing together.
Dia yang ngajarin aku bikin blog. Dari awal sampe cara ngedesignnya.
Dia cowok pertama yang mainin gitar di depanku pake lagunya bread yang judulnya Aubrey.
Dia orang kedua yang selalu bilang 'love you' after my dad.
Dia orang yang slalu care kalo aku begadang.
Kejayusannya dia slalu bikin aku ketawa.
Cara dia perhatian slalu bikin aku bahagia biarpun aku express in nya jutek-jutek gak jelas.
Hoooaaahhhh, so hard letting him go. Lebih susah dari dipaksa makan malem.

Waktu itu aku emang lagi gak berada di kota yang sama. Aku di Jakarta, dia di Bali. But we kept contacting each other via telephone but mostly via bbm.
Day by day he was getting weird.
There was a day that he didn't contact me at all. But he was on twitter, tweeting, and changing his bbm status.
In you opinion, wouldn't you be pissed?
But I'm trying not to think about it too much. The more I ignore it, the more I suffered.
I couldn't eat for about 3 or 4 days.
He was getting weirder and weirder.

And finally, on 11th August 2011, everything was answered.
He suddenly bbm me saying that he want to end it up. He couldn't take it anymore. Distance is the matter.
YAP! that's the answer.
So I said okay. I thought it's the best way for both of us.
And yes, we were over.
His bbm status expressed that he was driving full speed. GILAAAA! gue langsung panik bener-bener.
If something happen to him, gue yang mampus ntar.
I didn't want any bad thing happen to him. Not because of this things.
Thank God, he arrived home safely.
I asked him if we can still be friends. And he certainly said of course.
At least I felt happy because of that answer.
11 week end on 11th Agusut.
A good date with a happy ending.
I just wish we can be the way we were. Being nice to each other. And being friends for ever.
After all, I feel blessed to know him and to be his special one even just for a while.
I am so happy that God united us.

I will not forget everything we've been through together.
And I certainly couldn't do that. Because it has been stuck in my mind.

This is not a good bye. But this is a new 'hello'
I never regret I was yours. But I regret why we should end it up.
Now that we are on our own, I wish the best of luck for you.

"Jangan pernah merasa kecewa akan hal yang telah terjadi.
Tapi kecewalah jika hal tersebut membuatmu putus asa."
"Rencana Tuhan memang indah. Ia mempetemukan kita. Lalu Ia mempersatukan kita. Dan kini Ia memisahkan kita karena Ia telah mempunyai rencana indah lainnya untuk kita jalani"

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