Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Someone will be meaningful when they left us

All of us of course have friends. Only friends or even best friends. New friends or old friends.Do you remember the first time you met them? Do you remember how you guys became closer and closer everyday?
And do you remember when your friends have to leave you for a long time?
I have a story to tell.
Last friday (15/7/2011), I was in Jakarta. Me and my cousin (Michelle), picked up her friend who came from America. Her friend, Citra, brought also her daughter and son. They are Suzanne and Adam. Both of them are still a kid.
Citra slept over at Michelle's house. They slept in the guest room with me.
We spent all weekend together. We went to every mall in Jakarta. Well, almost every mall. Hahaha ...
On Saturday, we were at Mall Klapa Gading. I walked with Suzanne, while Adam with Michelle's husband.
We went to Zara. We looked at clothes etc.. Suzanne was playing with me in the store. She pulled my LIVESTRONG rubber bracelet. And finally it torn apart. Her mom saw it. The she mad at her. Suzanne almost cried. But I said that it was fine. But actually, I was so mad at the time. But I couldn't do anything. I just kept my madness in my  heart. That bracelet is very meaningful. It's my good luck charm. And I bought it not in Indonesia. But then, I forgot about it.

Time flew. They have to go home soon.
Monday (18/7/2011) - that day, we were having lunch at Bakmi GM. After we have our lunch, we went to hospital for a while. On our way to hospital, Adam was very sleepy. I didn't know why, but suddenly he came to me, hugged me and sat ion my thigh. I knew that he was going to sleep. And yes. In just minutes, he fallen asleep. Suzanne, who was sitting next to me, also fallen asleep.So there were 2 kids slept on my left and my right arms.
this is me with Adam. I looked like I'm his mom

After we went to hospital, we went to Plaza Indonesia. Adam was already awake. But he didn't want to walk by himself. So I have to carry him, while Suzanne held my right hand.
We were at Valentino store. I took some pictures with them in the store's mirror. It was weird. But there was noone who could take some pictures for us.
Adam's face after woke up

Isn't Suzanne cute?? :3

Then we went home.
after we arrived, they packed all their things up. And they gathered around downstairs, while I was still in the bathroom.
I walked downstairs and sat on a stair. Suddenly, Suzanne came to me and asked me for a hug. I hugged her. When she hugged me, she said, " I'll see you in New York."
When I heard that, I was speechless. I felt like my heart just stopped. What she said was so deep. My tears started to came out.  The way she talked, it was like she loves me and maybe she felt like she has a sister. That's because we were sleeping together in the same room and on the same bed. I accompanied her every where she goes. And when she did her "thing" (baca: boker), she asked me WHIPPED it!! It was so nasty. Butyeah, it was ookkhhhaaaayyyyy ....
Maybe that's why she felt that way.
Adam also kissed my cheecks.
And when they got into the cab, my tears started to fall again. But I whipped it. It's not my style crying in front of people.
Eeven though they were a little bit annoying, but they love me and I also love them back.
At night on the same day, I was in my room. I felt lonely. Because I have to sleep alone. It was so suck.
I couldn't sleep. I was still awake until 2am (Tuesday, 19/7/11).
Being with them for a weekend, told me some new things which I couldn't write it.

Now I know that when new friends or old friends gone, we felt like they are meaningful and you would wish they didn't leave you that soon, so that you could spend more time with them.

The special lesson is enjoy every moment and every second you spent with your beloved person.

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