Monday, July 4, 2011

saying "good bye" is not easy

Saying good bye is an easy thing to say but a hard thing to do.
Every time we met someone, soon we'll have to say good bye.
But good bye doesn't mean we will never meet again. We could meet again in some other time.
Saying good bye to your friends are hard.
But, whether u like it or not,u have to say it.

Soon, I will leave my friends *again* to pursue my future.
They are amazing friends. Because they were the one who fill my days with laughter when I was around 'em.
They are incredible people. Because they could make jokes all the time.
They are unreplaceable. Because, finding friends like them in a new city, new place, are hard.

I don't want to say good bye. But, I don't have other words to say it.
One of my friend told me to say,"see ya guys!"
But, still, HARD to say!
As hard as how we live in this world.

Time flies. The last minute I can do is, give thanks to God for sending these wonderful people in my life. Because with out them, I am nothing.
And the last thing I have to do is spending as much time as I have with them. Before I left.
It's destiny. No one can change it.
If you don't like it, just leave it.
But if you think it's hard to do, just release your soul, and you will be able to do it.

Good bye is not the end of a meeting.
But it's a start to change yourself to a better person before we met again.
Don't afraid to say "good bye". Because, if destiny is in us, we will meet again.

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