Saturday, July 23, 2011

Being in a relationship is not easy as it looks

I know u guys ever been in a relationship. What did u feel when there was someone who loves u?
How did u react when someone said 'I love you' ?
There is only 1 word to answer it. HAPPY!
But what did u feel when the one u love ignoring u? SAD!

Some people said that being in a relationship is a fun thing or a happy thing. ( I don't care how u describe the 'fun')
But in fact, not all of 'em can make u happy.
Love is beautiful. But love also can hurt you. Make u feel angry, mad, pissed, or any other negative thing.

If u got a right person, u might be happy. But if you didn't, u might feel under pressure.
That's why before you made a decision, you have to THINK about it first.
You won't know what will happen next.
That's why you should choose carefully. So you won't regret what u have chose.

When u started a relationship, everyday seems like happy days. But when 1 month, 2 months, those happiness could turn into sadness or flat feeling. Apalagi if your partner keep making you pissed off.

There are a lot thing we should have in a relation ship.
People said,there are 4 things people should have in their relationship, which are: TRUST, COMMUNICATION, LOVE, CARE.

The questions are:
• Can u trust your partner?
• Can u communicate with each other everyday?
• Can u love your partner really deep?
• Are u care enough to him/her?

The answers are:
• It's so hard to trust someone if they lied
• It's hard to communicate when there's still a childish habit
• It's hard to love someone who doesn't love you back
• Yes I am. But I don't know if he/she care about me too

When u're broken heart, Shout! Cry! Throw things! Eat!
The point is do anything which can keep your anger away.
But the best thing u can do is just let it flow. Because, God had make the best for us. If He said, go on, then you guys keep walking together. But if He said, stop, then you guys have to stop your journey together.

Yeah, that is all I can say.
For those who's in a relationship, keep your love safe and warm.
For those who still single, don't be sad. Enjoy your single life while you can enjoy it.

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