Friday, June 3, 2011

"OH! My Lady" photoshoot. Credit to Kak Eko, Edw, Fanii

You know, when you took pictures, they meant a lot for you.
Same like me. The other day, my friends a.k.a photographers (faniiepani, kevin, and eko) asked me to go for photo hunting.
The theme was couple. And the models are me and my boyfriend (timmy)
That day, we went there together (don't ask by what).
When we arrived there, we were amazed by the view. It was very beautiful.
The most beautiful beach I've ever been to. It is TegalWangi beach. Located around Jimbaran - Bali.
We called that session, "OH! my lady"
These pictures are not only for fun. But they also becoming the way we met and how we love each other.
This picture is the beginning to an extraordinary experiences of mine.

These are simple pictures, but they are meaningful
We wrote our names on beach sands. People might thought that it is easily to fade away.
But, we wrote it, far far away so that when waves came, it wouldn't reach it and erased it.
Same like our love. We built it far far away from anything that might seperated us.
So that our love, would last forever.

Together we sat on the shore.
Waves were struggling to get closer to us, so we would get wet.
Even if waves came, we would still sat there together.
Because together, nothing can break us apart.
Not even hard waves.
we see the world,
we see the future,
and we see what love is.

Lean on his thigh, staring at his eyes, knowing that he won't let me go,
are the best moment, I've ever had.
 He gave me those white roses,
I smiled,
then he hugged me.
The wave was calm.
The sun was bright.
The love between us as strong as he hold my hand.

When mouth can say nothing,
writing and sands spoke.

But, our togetherness is getting fewer everyday.
Soon, I will left him  to pursue my future.
But, it doesn't mean that I will forget about us.

In about 4 years,
when I came back to meet him,
these are what I'm gonna do to express
how much I miss him.
 When he smiled,
I smiled too :)

I wish,
our love is like these corals.
Even though waves keep crashing them, 
they still stand strong and look good.

My love for him,
is clean like the ocean's water,
big like the ocean itself,
and warm like the weather.

And these are the conclusion of us.
and forever.


  1. huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,jd iri+ terharu . pingin cepet2 dpt pcar. hiks hiks hik T.T (tp mngkin hrus operasi plastik dlu)

  2. naaawwh <3

    i wish i could have a photo shoot with my BF too brey..
    your words were toucheeeeeee!!!
    aku juga long distance.. :(
    he's at dubai right know, and going home on 5th June!! (i cannot wait)
    but soon, on July, its me who gonna leave..
    having college at Germany for 5 years..
    and He'll continue his Job at dubai and move to australia..
    FYI, we havent met each other before..
    and this Sunday is gonna be the first
    even we never met each other, we never doubt what we had now..

    wish we both, you n yours, me and mine could be like the cliff..
    will stand still, no matter how windy the weather, how hard the wave hits, it will still there as strong as it was firstly formed, till finally we meet each other again

    sorry jadi curcol brey.. hahahaha

  3. @rizky: ngapain musti operasi plastik?? harusnya, kamu bangga sama diri mu sndiri. soalny ga smua orang suka kalo kamu berubah dari kamu yang skarang. Love itu harus kmu fight in. bukan brubah demi love :D

    @ocha: thank youuuu :*
    longdistance? really? how does it felt like??I will going through that soon. Living in NY for 4 or more years. huhuhuuu
    It's close. really close. Just wait and hope that there will be no obstacle for him to met you this sunday.
    If he is the one for us, then we WILL meet again.
    You knew it or not, your love with him, and my love with him, are like those cliffs.
    Strong and will never break apart.
    btw, I miss you chaaaaaaa

  4. me miss you more darling :*

    Long distance is not a big problem for us so far

    we never met each other before, firstly being friend on FB, then we do some chat, he told me how much depressing Dubai is, and I encouraging him to stay. we soon grew closer and closer, till finally he proposed me to be his GF..
    and so far, we did great, he called me once in 5 days, chat on YM, but never do some webcam stuff cause he was too busy..
    but a thing that make our relationship gone well is, we always do simple thing, but very meaningful..
    i used to send him my picture holding a paper written "good night, sleep tight" or sekedar "jangan lupa makan"
    simple thing but so hitting!
    cause when we far farrrr away, simple thing could be so meaningful..
    even when he's got his birthday, i send him a picture with birthday cake, candles, birthday hat, with my family member and we hold a paper written "happy birthday, we all love you"
    he die for it.. and it makes him feel like home already..
    you have to make everything FUN..

    jangan lupa, to always supporting each other, bawa dia saat kamu mau ambil keputusan, buat dia ngerasa kalo dia dibutuhin..
    being friend with his friend, kaya aku ini, aku deket sama temen2nya disana, sampe2 mereka kalo curhat juga ke aku..
    kalo udah kaya gini, WHAT THE DISTANCE COST?
    you only far away from his eyes, but you can always get close in many ways..
    you chat everyday, give some picture, being friend with his friend, kamu udah ada didalem setiap harinya, tanpa harus ADA disana :)

    that's long distance relationship brey..
    it's not about how you meet, but its about how you feel close without seeing Him beside you, how you make the distance doesn't matter, how you and him feel like needing each other..
    because love is not about sightseeing and touch, it's about heart, feeling, which is not exist by eyes, nor by touch.. ;)

  5. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    your words toucheer than mine.

    Yeah, we plan to have LDR too. It's not a big problem I guess. As long as there is trust, everything can go well.
    how long have you been with him??

    Long last for youu honeeyyy