Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nothing last forever. But friendship does.

We heard this sentence everytime. This sentence usually refers to one thing called LOVE.
It's true that love is not last forever. But if you treated your love in a good way, it will last forever.
It is true that nothing last forever. But for me, there is one thing that last forever. And it is friendship.
Sometimes friendship can be torn apart because of the mistakes they made. But at the end of the day, they finally got along.
Friendship is the most important thing in people's life. Without friends, all we can do is nothing.

For the truth, best friend can only be 1. But for me, I don't care if I had a lot of best friends. Because, all of them could make me feel comfortable and they also fill my day with laughter.
We've been through ups and downs together.
We've been through sad moments, mad moments, and happy moments together.
But one moment which I can never forget is when we spent all day long together, eating lunch, and did crazy things.
I met nice people when I was in high school. At first, they were only people I knew. But, by time, we turned out as best friends. We love each other even we just met.
We had our happy time and also a hard time. When we were in hard time, we went through that together.
I ever being mad with my friends. But then, I realized that they were my friends. If they weren't exist, I wouldn't been able to live this life. So, I apologized to them even I wasn't the one who made mistakes.

Finding friends are not easy. Finding best friends is a lot harder.
But when you found one, do not ever make them feel uncomfortable with you.
Once a best friends, always be best friends.
Friendship will always be last forever. Because friends gave meaning to our life.

Friday, June 3, 2011

"OH! My Lady" photoshoot. Credit to Kak Eko, Edw, Fanii

You know, when you took pictures, they meant a lot for you.
Same like me. The other day, my friends a.k.a photographers (faniiepani, kevin, and eko) asked me to go for photo hunting.
The theme was couple. And the models are me and my boyfriend (timmy)
That day, we went there together (don't ask by what).
When we arrived there, we were amazed by the view. It was very beautiful.
The most beautiful beach I've ever been to. It is TegalWangi beach. Located around Jimbaran - Bali.
We called that session, "OH! my lady"
These pictures are not only for fun. But they also becoming the way we met and how we love each other.
This picture is the beginning to an extraordinary experiences of mine.

These are simple pictures, but they are meaningful
We wrote our names on beach sands. People might thought that it is easily to fade away.
But, we wrote it, far far away so that when waves came, it wouldn't reach it and erased it.
Same like our love. We built it far far away from anything that might seperated us.
So that our love, would last forever.

Together we sat on the shore.
Waves were struggling to get closer to us, so we would get wet.
Even if waves came, we would still sat there together.
Because together, nothing can break us apart.
Not even hard waves.
we see the world,
we see the future,
and we see what love is.

Lean on his thigh, staring at his eyes, knowing that he won't let me go,
are the best moment, I've ever had.
 He gave me those white roses,
I smiled,
then he hugged me.
The wave was calm.
The sun was bright.
The love between us as strong as he hold my hand.

When mouth can say nothing,
writing and sands spoke.

But, our togetherness is getting fewer everyday.
Soon, I will left him  to pursue my future.
But, it doesn't mean that I will forget about us.

In about 4 years,
when I came back to meet him,
these are what I'm gonna do to express
how much I miss him.
 When he smiled,
I smiled too :)

I wish,
our love is like these corals.
Even though waves keep crashing them, 
they still stand strong and look good.

My love for him,
is clean like the ocean's water,
big like the ocean itself,
and warm like the weather.

And these are the conclusion of us.
and forever.