Sunday, May 22, 2011

When I was down

Sadness came to everyone. Young or old, good looking or not, rich or poor, boys or girls, they all have been through sadness.
It is very hard to be happy while we were sad.
We need moodbooster. But, finding it, is not easy.
When we felt down, it's hard to smile. But when someone came to us and cheer us up, smile will be all over our face.
Sadness will disappear in just seconds if someone gave us smile and support.
Family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend are the one who can help through the hard time in our life.
But sometimes, strangers could too.

When I was down, all I can do was staring at the ceiling. There was nothing there. But for me, there was something that could make me smile. And it is your face.
Every corner I looked, I saw your face. Every voice I heard, I heard you.
Because if I sad, you are the first person who came to me and cheer me up. My parents could do it. But, you did it better than them.
If I didn't met you from the first place, I wouldn't know how many times I will fell down and can never stand up.
You are my strength. You are my happiness. And you are all that I need.

Happiness always shine in my face.
Smile, laugh, those are the things I do every single day of my life. There was no pain, no tear, no heart break.
And it's because of you.
Thank you for making me smile all the time :)

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