Wednesday, May 18, 2011

When heart spoke

I'm looking at mirror and I see a girl. Who has no make up, no talent, and no beauty at all. But she has one thing that no other girls ever had and every girls dream. And it's her boyfriend who love her and care about her very much.
From her eyes, you can see that, she loves him very much and she won't let anything break them apart. Not even distance.
Her voice, could make everyone smile. When her boyfriend hold her hand and stared at her, she felt safe and warm.
The way she spoke, never hurt anyone. When she got hurt, she keep her smile in her face.
She trusts her boyfriend. She knew that he also won't let any bad thing happen to her. That's why she doesn't want to lose him.
One of her dream had came true, which is having a special person in her life who care so much about her. He is her first love. She is one lucky girl to have someone special like him.

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