Sunday, May 22, 2011

it starts from imagination

The sky already dark. All the street lights were on. Doors were closed. Yes. It is already night.
Family gathered around in the living room, watching tv, laughing, and sharing stories.
But me, I rather chose being alone in my tiny room, doing what I most likely to do. And that is imagining.
Imagining can make my self relax. It can make me fly to the sky.
Sometimes it's hurt when you imagine something you want, but you couldn't reach it.
It happens all the time. But, untill when do you want to feel that? Don't you want to reach your dream? Don't you want to have a happy ending?
If you do, you have to wake up and chase those dreams. Don't just sit back and do nothing. Because, that won't give you anything.
If you can't do it alone, ask people around you to help you.
Others are matter in your life. No matter who they are.
So, respect others who needed your help. Because one day, you'll need theirs.

When I was a teenager, I used to imagined having a handsome boyfriend, who care about me, and who love me.
From junior high school until high school, that imagination hadn't came true. I was hopeless. I thought I was wasting my time for nothing.
But then, God answered my prayer.
It was an event. A school event for those who will graduate this year (2011). It was prom night. We got to bring a partner with us to do some dance. At first, I thought I would come with my girlfriends. But, destiny spoke different. There was a guy, who asked me to go to the prom with him. I nodded. Then, we went there together. We were coming as friends.
We enjoyed that evening very much. Because, we got to know each other, a little bit deeper.
For 3 hours,we talked, we joked, we laughed. And at the end of the evening, I had a chance to dance with him. It was awkward. But, I realized that we came only as friends, so there was nothing to worry about.
Time separated us. We went back home. I went back home with smile covering my face.
But when I arrived at home, I realized that it was only for that day. It won't happen again.
We become closer days to days. Until one day, after the graduation party, we were having lunch together.  Then, he hold my hand and I started making me feel embarrassed. Then, you know what he was going to say. And that day, I released my single life into a relationship life. It was awkward. Because that was my first time.
But I was very very majorly extremely happy. It was unforgettable day.
Sadly, in the evening, I have to leave for Jakarta. It was hard to go. But, that was for my future. So, I can do nothing except go for it. I was so happy that he felt fine with it.
Going through days alone without him, was pretty hard.
We miss each other so badly. Telephone, social networks connected us. But it was not enough.
There was a night when we were talking on the phone, I told him to hear a song. It was a sad song. The tittle is Aubrey. And the singer is bread. I told him to download it straight away.
After he downloaded it, he listened it for a while. I wasn't expected to hear him cough. And I know, he was going to cry. I was strong. But then, when we hung up the phone, tears started fell to my cheeks. I cried.
The next night, we talked on the phone again. He told me to listen to something. Then, he started playing the guitar. He played that song and he sang it a little bit. The way he played the guitar, was wonderful. His voice, was amazing. I wasn't expected to hear his amazing voice.
Then, he read lyric of a song (lucky). We started to sang-a-long. It was very sweeeeeettt moment.
I wish I recorded it. So when, I miss him, I can listen to it.
I can't describe how much I love him and how much I miss him.
That is the first imagination that ever came true.
Don't stop imagining. Because, everything started from imagination.

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