Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's called 'love'

It is a word. A simple word but has a lot of meaning.
People describe it in every way. By words, sentences, or even actions.
It could turn sadness into happiness.
it could make you feel like flying.
It could lead us to a nice future. 
And it's called Love.

No one know how Love works. It's just happened.
When Love takes over, nobody can hide, nobody can refuse, and no one can not accept it.
Love can drives us crazy. Love can makes us ill. Love can makes us cry.
Love can turn the world upside down, with its own way.
But the best thing of Love can do, is that it can cure any kind of sickness.

I know the meaning of Love and I know how Love effected my life.
But, I don't know how to show it until I met you.
You opened my eyes. You took me to see this wonderful world.
You taught me how to love and how to respect others.
You did it with patient.
The longer you taught me, the more I realize that Love is magic.

A pure Love is not about richness. But it's about how you can make others feel comfort around you.
Loving someone or being loved by someone are the same. They both bring happiness to others.
Love can make 2 hearts become one.
Love has a good and bad influence for those who felt the love or fell in love.
That's why we can't have one meaning for Love.
Because it has a million.

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