Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Friendship :)

It is very hard to find a friend who love you the way you are. These days, people keep faking them selves so they can make friends. But I, I am not that kind of people. I rather being alone than being fake just to have friends. Why choose being fake than being your self?
I love my friends very much. because they never faked around me. they showed me who they really are. we love each other very much.
at first, I didn't expect that we will be this close, like sisters and brothers. It is very hard for me to let them down or make them feel uncomfortable around me. Every single mistakes they made, I forgave them. And so did they.
But now, we had graduated from our lovely senior high school. It means that we have to seperate from each other. It's kinda sad. But, that is what we have to do. We have to pursue our future. So that we can be what we want to be. I just wish, even if we won't be in the same place anymore, our friendship remain the same.
I still remember when I was crying, they came to me and made me smile.
When I'm in trouble, they helped me to get out from it.
When they are happy, they count me in.
When I fell down, they came to me and lift me up.
Friends will never leave you behind. Friends will never hurt you. Friends will love you, no matter who you are. That's what friendship means for me.
Finding friends like them are hard. They knew the best for me, and so do I.
If I can freeze the time, I will freeze it when we were together laughing, joking, and fooling around. Because moments like that are rare.
Happy or sad, we always together.
There are still many things in front of us. Colleges are waiting for us. Future is all that matters now.
But one thing we CANNOT forget, and that is our friendship.
No matter what happen, no matter where we are, no matter what will we be, we WILL always be friends.
I love you my friends. I wish you the best of luck.

                                          ayx, me, and fanny. This is my BEST friend. I love them :*

                                          me, maria fiani, wulan. this is also my BEST friend. I love them :*

If you found new friends, DO NOT forget your old friends. Because old friends knows you inside and out.

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