Saturday, May 21, 2011

I miss you

Suddenly, tears came out through my eyes. In just seconds, my chicks were getting wet. My eyes were swollen. My nose were getting red. And, I was starting to lose my voice.
I was trying not to cry more. But, I can't.

Beautiful memories suddenly appeared in my head.
Remembering when you stared at me, made my heart broke.
You fill the empty part in my fingers by holding my hand.
You fill my empty life, with your love.
You made my lonelyness disappeared with your laugh..
You turned this sad face, into a happy face.
You changed my life from boring to most wanted life.
You made me smile with the way you speak.

all of those sweet memories hanging in my head everyday.
I can still feel your hand, hear you laugh, see you smile.
I can still feel that you were standing next to me.
I can still feel you were holding me with your warm hand.
Telephone is not enough to release this feeling. 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, or even 24 hours is never enough just to hear your voice. I need to see YOU.

Distance may seperated us. But it doesn't matter. Because my heart is where ever you are.
Now, I can really admit that I MISS YOU so much. And I am dying to meet you.
You are a loveable person. I don't have any willing to hurt you or letting you go.
The only thing that I can do is loving you with all my heart.
It is hard to say. But, I really do love you.
All memories with you, aren't easy to be erased. Because when I remember it back, I can feel your present.
You are my precious little thing.


  1. who do you want to miss? your boyfriend or your friend at senior high school?

  2. ooo,lpa berkenalan ane. my name is vicio. (alumni smp sanjose),nice to meet you

  3. ooh.
    angkatan tahun brpa??
    nice to meet u too