Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the day ...

the day when he hold my hand, made my hand sweating
the day when he looked straight into my eyes, made me speechless
the day when he said,'I love you', made my heart was pounding to the max
the day when he asked me to be his special one, I was feeling lucky
the day when we're together, made me didn't want to lose him or hurt him or do anything bad to him
the day when I cried, he came to me and calm me down
the day when he hug me, my sorrows were gone
the day when we were walking down the street together, made me realize that I really need him
the day when I hold his arm, I knew that he will never let me go
the day when I have to leave him, I hope he'll say," I will wait for you. And distance won't break us apart"

and today, I'm PROUD to say, "This is my boyfriend."

I ♥ you

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