Thursday, May 19, 2011

Last forever

I saw a girl sitting in front of her laptop. She opened a folder which contains pictures.
She looked at it very carefully one by one. She smiled. But her smile contains a lot of meaning.
Her smile could means that she is happy with it, or could mean something else.
But then, when I stared at her, a tear rolled down her face. But she kept her smile on her face even when tears kept going out.
She was trying not to look at those pictures anymore. But some how, there was something that told her to keep looking at it.
Finally, she cried hardly. Her face was full of tears. Her eyes was swolllen. Her nose become red. And her voice was lost.
Yes! Those were pictures of her and her first boyfriend. Even they are still together, but those pictures touched her heart.
She couldn't believe that she actually got the chance to have somebody like him.
For others, they might say that he is an usual boy. But for her, it's so much more than that.
He could calm her down. He could make her smile. He could make her feel confident. He could protect her. And most of all, he taught her the meaning of love.
He won't let her fall. He won't let her sad. He won't embarrased her. And, he won't let her being alone.
She loves the way he talked, the way he stared, the way he love her, and they he said 'I love you'
There is only one thing she's afraid of. And it is, if he will leave her.
The best thing she have ever had is having him as her special one.
And she wished it will be last forever.

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