Monday, May 30, 2011

my challenge

When you love someone, and then your family don't cooperate with it, what would you do?
Well I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.
I will tell them that I love him so much. And I won't let anything seperate us.

People said that age doesn't matter. But why people always complaining about ages? Isn't it just about love? About heart? About how can we love each other? About how can he protect me? And about how can he make me happy?
Sometimes, people just don't understand the meaning of relationship. They always thought that we have to be in a relationship with an older guy or something like that.
Older doesn't always better. Younger could be much better.

I faced something like this.
Something that is very hard to get through.
This is the biggest challenge of my life.
Listening to my own heart or my parents?
I know the best for myself. And I'll keep it inside my heart. No one have to know it yet.
Let time answer it.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Single? No probs, dude!

Sometimes people said single is better. But in fact, it is not always be like that.
Being single is not destiny, it's the way people wanted.
If you are single, you have a freedom life.
You can hang out anywhere, do anything, with anyone, at anytime, with no one complaining.
Some people chose to be single because they have a bad experience in a relationship before.
But being single for along time, could cause stress and envy with others who has partner.
Sometimes, single made you feel lonely.
These days, every place you visited, you'll find couples everywhere.
They were holding hands. They laughed. They hugged. And they were all in love.
How could you not be envy with them?
When they were having a great time together, you were alone.
When the boy hold the girl's hand, you hold your phone.
When the laughed together, you laughed together with your phone.
Single isn't always a bad thing.
If you could use your single time wisely, you'll find the excitement.
You could hang out with your girls or guys, and do something fun.
Something that could make you never regret being single.

For those who still holding phone, and still laughing with your own phone, don't be sad.
Because, sooner or later, there will be someone who will hold your hand and will make accompany you laugh.
Being single for a long time doesn't mean it is the end of the world.
God never sleeps. He knows the perfect time for us to let go the single life.

" I used to hold my phone all day long. I felt lonely. My phone is my only friend"

" Someone hold my hand where ever I go. And I don't feel lonely."

I have ever being single too. That day, I always thought that it was the end of the world.
But it ended when a guy came to my life, and changed the way I thought.
He filled empty parts in my fingers.
I never have to laugh alone again.
I didn't have to feel alone anymore.
He is my everything.
That day, I realized that even you were single for a long time, but at the end of the day, there WILL be someone who'll fill your days with smile, happiness, and love.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's called 'love'

It is a word. A simple word but has a lot of meaning.
People describe it in every way. By words, sentences, or even actions.
It could turn sadness into happiness.
it could make you feel like flying.
It could lead us to a nice future. 
And it's called Love.

No one know how Love works. It's just happened.
When Love takes over, nobody can hide, nobody can refuse, and no one can not accept it.
Love can drives us crazy. Love can makes us ill. Love can makes us cry.
Love can turn the world upside down, with its own way.
But the best thing of Love can do, is that it can cure any kind of sickness.

I know the meaning of Love and I know how Love effected my life.
But, I don't know how to show it until I met you.
You opened my eyes. You took me to see this wonderful world.
You taught me how to love and how to respect others.
You did it with patient.
The longer you taught me, the more I realize that Love is magic.

A pure Love is not about richness. But it's about how you can make others feel comfort around you.
Loving someone or being loved by someone are the same. They both bring happiness to others.
Love can make 2 hearts become one.
Love has a good and bad influence for those who felt the love or fell in love.
That's why we can't have one meaning for Love.
Because it has a million.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

it starts from imagination

The sky already dark. All the street lights were on. Doors were closed. Yes. It is already night.
Family gathered around in the living room, watching tv, laughing, and sharing stories.
But me, I rather chose being alone in my tiny room, doing what I most likely to do. And that is imagining.
Imagining can make my self relax. It can make me fly to the sky.
Sometimes it's hurt when you imagine something you want, but you couldn't reach it.
It happens all the time. But, untill when do you want to feel that? Don't you want to reach your dream? Don't you want to have a happy ending?
If you do, you have to wake up and chase those dreams. Don't just sit back and do nothing. Because, that won't give you anything.
If you can't do it alone, ask people around you to help you.
Others are matter in your life. No matter who they are.
So, respect others who needed your help. Because one day, you'll need theirs.

When I was a teenager, I used to imagined having a handsome boyfriend, who care about me, and who love me.
From junior high school until high school, that imagination hadn't came true. I was hopeless. I thought I was wasting my time for nothing.
But then, God answered my prayer.
It was an event. A school event for those who will graduate this year (2011). It was prom night. We got to bring a partner with us to do some dance. At first, I thought I would come with my girlfriends. But, destiny spoke different. There was a guy, who asked me to go to the prom with him. I nodded. Then, we went there together. We were coming as friends.
We enjoyed that evening very much. Because, we got to know each other, a little bit deeper.
For 3 hours,we talked, we joked, we laughed. And at the end of the evening, I had a chance to dance with him. It was awkward. But, I realized that we came only as friends, so there was nothing to worry about.
Time separated us. We went back home. I went back home with smile covering my face.
But when I arrived at home, I realized that it was only for that day. It won't happen again.
We become closer days to days. Until one day, after the graduation party, we were having lunch together.  Then, he hold my hand and I started making me feel embarrassed. Then, you know what he was going to say. And that day, I released my single life into a relationship life. It was awkward. Because that was my first time.
But I was very very majorly extremely happy. It was unforgettable day.
Sadly, in the evening, I have to leave for Jakarta. It was hard to go. But, that was for my future. So, I can do nothing except go for it. I was so happy that he felt fine with it.
Going through days alone without him, was pretty hard.
We miss each other so badly. Telephone, social networks connected us. But it was not enough.
There was a night when we were talking on the phone, I told him to hear a song. It was a sad song. The tittle is Aubrey. And the singer is bread. I told him to download it straight away.
After he downloaded it, he listened it for a while. I wasn't expected to hear him cough. And I know, he was going to cry. I was strong. But then, when we hung up the phone, tears started fell to my cheeks. I cried.
The next night, we talked on the phone again. He told me to listen to something. Then, he started playing the guitar. He played that song and he sang it a little bit. The way he played the guitar, was wonderful. His voice, was amazing. I wasn't expected to hear his amazing voice.
Then, he read lyric of a song (lucky). We started to sang-a-long. It was very sweeeeeettt moment.
I wish I recorded it. So when, I miss him, I can listen to it.
I can't describe how much I love him and how much I miss him.
That is the first imagination that ever came true.
Don't stop imagining. Because, everything started from imagination.

When I was down

Sadness came to everyone. Young or old, good looking or not, rich or poor, boys or girls, they all have been through sadness.
It is very hard to be happy while we were sad.
We need moodbooster. But, finding it, is not easy.
When we felt down, it's hard to smile. But when someone came to us and cheer us up, smile will be all over our face.
Sadness will disappear in just seconds if someone gave us smile and support.
Family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend are the one who can help through the hard time in our life.
But sometimes, strangers could too.

When I was down, all I can do was staring at the ceiling. There was nothing there. But for me, there was something that could make me smile. And it is your face.
Every corner I looked, I saw your face. Every voice I heard, I heard you.
Because if I sad, you are the first person who came to me and cheer me up. My parents could do it. But, you did it better than them.
If I didn't met you from the first place, I wouldn't know how many times I will fell down and can never stand up.
You are my strength. You are my happiness. And you are all that I need.

Happiness always shine in my face.
Smile, laugh, those are the things I do every single day of my life. There was no pain, no tear, no heart break.
And it's because of you.
Thank you for making me smile all the time :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I miss you

Suddenly, tears came out through my eyes. In just seconds, my chicks were getting wet. My eyes were swollen. My nose were getting red. And, I was starting to lose my voice.
I was trying not to cry more. But, I can't.

Beautiful memories suddenly appeared in my head.
Remembering when you stared at me, made my heart broke.
You fill the empty part in my fingers by holding my hand.
You fill my empty life, with your love.
You made my lonelyness disappeared with your laugh..
You turned this sad face, into a happy face.
You changed my life from boring to most wanted life.
You made me smile with the way you speak.

all of those sweet memories hanging in my head everyday.
I can still feel your hand, hear you laugh, see you smile.
I can still feel that you were standing next to me.
I can still feel you were holding me with your warm hand.
Telephone is not enough to release this feeling. 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, or even 24 hours is never enough just to hear your voice. I need to see YOU.

Distance may seperated us. But it doesn't matter. Because my heart is where ever you are.
Now, I can really admit that I MISS YOU so much. And I am dying to meet you.
You are a loveable person. I don't have any willing to hurt you or letting you go.
The only thing that I can do is loving you with all my heart.
It is hard to say. But, I really do love you.
All memories with you, aren't easy to be erased. Because when I remember it back, I can feel your present.
You are my precious little thing.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Last forever

I saw a girl sitting in front of her laptop. She opened a folder which contains pictures.
She looked at it very carefully one by one. She smiled. But her smile contains a lot of meaning.
Her smile could means that she is happy with it, or could mean something else.
But then, when I stared at her, a tear rolled down her face. But she kept her smile on her face even when tears kept going out.
She was trying not to look at those pictures anymore. But some how, there was something that told her to keep looking at it.
Finally, she cried hardly. Her face was full of tears. Her eyes was swolllen. Her nose become red. And her voice was lost.
Yes! Those were pictures of her and her first boyfriend. Even they are still together, but those pictures touched her heart.
She couldn't believe that she actually got the chance to have somebody like him.
For others, they might say that he is an usual boy. But for her, it's so much more than that.
He could calm her down. He could make her smile. He could make her feel confident. He could protect her. And most of all, he taught her the meaning of love.
He won't let her fall. He won't let her sad. He won't embarrased her. And, he won't let her being alone.
She loves the way he talked, the way he stared, the way he love her, and they he said 'I love you'
There is only one thing she's afraid of. And it is, if he will leave her.
The best thing she have ever had is having him as her special one.
And she wished it will be last forever.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Friendship :)

It is very hard to find a friend who love you the way you are. These days, people keep faking them selves so they can make friends. But I, I am not that kind of people. I rather being alone than being fake just to have friends. Why choose being fake than being your self?
I love my friends very much. because they never faked around me. they showed me who they really are. we love each other very much.
at first, I didn't expect that we will be this close, like sisters and brothers. It is very hard for me to let them down or make them feel uncomfortable around me. Every single mistakes they made, I forgave them. And so did they.
But now, we had graduated from our lovely senior high school. It means that we have to seperate from each other. It's kinda sad. But, that is what we have to do. We have to pursue our future. So that we can be what we want to be. I just wish, even if we won't be in the same place anymore, our friendship remain the same.
I still remember when I was crying, they came to me and made me smile.
When I'm in trouble, they helped me to get out from it.
When they are happy, they count me in.
When I fell down, they came to me and lift me up.
Friends will never leave you behind. Friends will never hurt you. Friends will love you, no matter who you are. That's what friendship means for me.
Finding friends like them are hard. They knew the best for me, and so do I.
If I can freeze the time, I will freeze it when we were together laughing, joking, and fooling around. Because moments like that are rare.
Happy or sad, we always together.
There are still many things in front of us. Colleges are waiting for us. Future is all that matters now.
But one thing we CANNOT forget, and that is our friendship.
No matter what happen, no matter where we are, no matter what will we be, we WILL always be friends.
I love you my friends. I wish you the best of luck.

                                          ayx, me, and fanny. This is my BEST friend. I love them :*

                                          me, maria fiani, wulan. this is also my BEST friend. I love them :*

If you found new friends, DO NOT forget your old friends. Because old friends knows you inside and out.

the day ...

the day when he hold my hand, made my hand sweating
the day when he looked straight into my eyes, made me speechless
the day when he said,'I love you', made my heart was pounding to the max
the day when he asked me to be his special one, I was feeling lucky
the day when we're together, made me didn't want to lose him or hurt him or do anything bad to him
the day when I cried, he came to me and calm me down
the day when he hug me, my sorrows were gone
the day when we were walking down the street together, made me realize that I really need him
the day when I hold his arm, I knew that he will never let me go
the day when I have to leave him, I hope he'll say," I will wait for you. And distance won't break us apart"

and today, I'm PROUD to say, "This is my boyfriend."

I ♥ you

When heart spoke

I'm looking at mirror and I see a girl. Who has no make up, no talent, and no beauty at all. But she has one thing that no other girls ever had and every girls dream. And it's her boyfriend who love her and care about her very much.
From her eyes, you can see that, she loves him very much and she won't let anything break them apart. Not even distance.
Her voice, could make everyone smile. When her boyfriend hold her hand and stared at her, she felt safe and warm.
The way she spoke, never hurt anyone. When she got hurt, she keep her smile in her face.
She trusts her boyfriend. She knew that he also won't let any bad thing happen to her. That's why she doesn't want to lose him.
One of her dream had came true, which is having a special person in her life who care so much about her. He is her first love. She is one lucky girl to have someone special like him.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

best moment in High School

suatu saat kita akn rindu saat" ini
saat dmana guru lgi marah,tmen lgi brgembira,suasana yg sperti psar, tapi inilah KEBAHAGIAAN kita
Kelak kita tak akan rasakan lagi indahnya masa SMA...
Berganti dengan suasana tegang masa depan
Maka dari sekarang, mulailah katakan,
"Teman, aq sayang kalian. Jangan pernah lupakan masa terindah kita di bangku SMA"
ceritakanlah pada ankmu kelak bagaimana indahnya persahabatan kita.

Suatu persahabatan yang sangat erat, tidak akan terputuskan oleh apa". Dan yang pastinya tidak akan bisa dilupakan oleh diri kita masing".
nikmatilah masa" SMA ini selama kita masih bisa bersama"
Jangan pernah lupakan hari ini. Hari dimana kita tersenyum,bergembira, melalui suka dan duka bersama-sama.

" Aku sayang kalian Teman."
and we will always be best friend :)

created by our lovely funny friend : Bubu adrial

Monday, May 16, 2011

my first time blogging

haaaiiiiiiiiiiiiii, I'm Aubrey.
Since this is my first time blogging, I have no idea what to write. So, i'll tell you a lil' bit about my self.
I'm from Bali, the most beautiful island in Indonesia.
I can speak Indonesia, English, French (dikiitt)
I just graduate from Santo Yoseph senior High school on 16th May 2011. So, I'm not a high school girl anymore :D.
Tapi, belum tau mau lanjutin kuliah kemana. masih galau. My dad sih maunya supaya aku kuliah di luar. tapi, kagak tau deh ini jadi atau nggak.

oh yaa, CONGRATULATION for all the senior high school students yang udah lulus. Semoga bisa sukses lah in the future. hahaha